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The unit is a new generation, multi-directional interactive gateway module which replaces the traditional radio. It links the user's alarm system to the interactive ecosystem enabling alarm control via a mobile app, which also converges video and smart home/business IoT control functions. In addition to this, the gateway links the alarm installation to the ICE3 Business Environment enabling control room reporting and interaction, business management tools via an online portal as well as access to advanced diagnostic and technical support tools.

Designed modular and scalable, the unit allows for hardware and interactive monthly services to be added to existing installations incrementally. By providing ongoing upselling opportunities going forward, the gateway becomes the key component to generating future revenue for security companies.
1. GSM-ICE3 Gateway overview
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GSM-ICE3 Gateway
Relay expander arm/disarm via App
2. Relay expander arm/disarm via App
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3. Video and alarm with the same App!
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Video and alarm app
Camera app talk through
4. Camera/app talk through
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5. Reporting functions
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Reporting functions app
Reporting end points
6. Reporting end points
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7. SIM & network options
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Sim & network options
High performance internal antenna
8. High performance internal antenna
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9. Innovative packaging
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ICE3 packaging
The GSM-ICE3 Gateway
The GSM-ICE3 Gateway connects almost any alarm panel with this communication ecosystem which allows communication to the control room, control of the alarm system using a smart phone app and the addition of CCTV cameras. Smart home/business IoT functions will be available in the near future.
GSM-ICE3 Gateway
Relay expander
arm/disarm via App

With the relay expander, you can add arm/disarm functionality to any existing or new installation on any of these panels:

Relay expander arm/disarm via App
Video and alarm
with the same App!

●  Video to the app via any IP connection.
●  Low cost solution - no NVR or DVR needed.
●  Full data security - CCTV cannot be compromised.
●  View live and saved recordings from the app.
●  Local video stored on local camera MicroSD card.
●  Event based recordings stored in the cloud.
●  Two-way voice on indoor cameras - Listen and talk through the camera while viewing live footage.

Hassle free quality camera selection
Video and alarm with the same app
Camera/app talk through
The ability to talk through our indoor cameras via the app has many cool lifestyle applications:

●  Check on and talk to the elderly or sick.
●  See who’s at your door and give them instructions.
●  Check on and talk to the domestic worker from work.
●  Check on the kids at home and talk to the family while away.
ICE3 Camera/app talk through
ICE3 Camera/app talk through
Reporting functions
Built-in reporting
●  Battery monitor
●  Reports battery low/battery restore.
●  No connection required.

Polling/auto test
●  Patented “always-on” network supervision. No auto-test/self-test reporting needed.
●  Central station software generates alert on polling communication failure.
●  No connection required.
Reporting functions
Reporting end points
Virtual base station
means no hardware cost

Mobile application
Receives event push notifications and displays event history.

ICE3 Station
ICE3 Gateway
ICE3 Control

Push notifications and event activity.
SIM & Network options
South Africa
-  MTN/Vodacom or both
-  GDSP (global SIM)
-  Vodafone or AT&T.

-  Any local network single or dual SIM
-  GDSP (global SIM)
-  Vodafone or AT&T.
Dual or single plastic sim
Dual or single chip/e-sim
High performance
internal antenna

●  Innovative internal stamped metal RF antenna.
●  High spec for best network performance.
●  Compatible will all global GSM networks including LTE Cat-M1 bands.

High performance internal antenna
Innovative packaging
●  Beverage sachets included with each unit for the installation technician.
●  Each unit is shipped in a cup which means our packaging is used more than once.
●  Printed sleeve allows onsite branding opportunities for security companies.

ICE3 packaging
●  Shipped in packs of 5 units.
●  Convenient carry handles.
●  Unit numbers and QR codes on the exterior of each packing box for identification in stores.

Branded thermoses available for technician training and promotional incentives.
ICE3 branded thermoses