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The Ecosystem Explained
1. The ICE3 Platform - overview
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The ICE3 Platform
Interactive communication ecosystem
2. Interactive communication ecosystem
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3. Business Environment
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ICE3 Business Environment
Our Platform is the key to linking existing and future alarm systems with the technologies of today and tomorrow. Think CCTV and smart IoT functions for today and AI, voice control and facial recognition in the future. The platform is hosted on world-class IT service infrastructure incorporating load balancing and auto-scaling technology to provide high levels of performance and stability. The latest SaaS (Software as a Service) server infrastructure delivers optimum redundancy and maximises mobile service uptime. Uncompromising data security includes full 128-bit security encryption on every level and secure VPN communication from the security system to the central station.
ICE3 Platform
Interactive Communication Ecosystem
“An ecosystem of security services and products that integrate past, present and future alarm monitoring systems with CCTV, smart IoT and more...”
Full mobile compatibility
Mobile App
IceCube Control

●  Alarm, CCTV and smart home/business monitoring and control in the same app.
●  Upgrade existing alarm installations by adding basic mobile app functions and put the customers alarm panel in their pockets.
●  No additional cost to the standard monthly GSM network usage fees for the basic app. Includes arm/disarm (stay and away modes), system status, event push notifications, event activity logs and more.

ICE3 Mobile App
IceCube hardware products incorporate compatible devices for communication (gateways), CCTV cameras and smart IoT devices. The products are all tried and tested with local certification and approvals in place.

No RDC alarm panel?
●  Noticeably absent from the product line-up is a RDC alarm panel, giving users the choice of their preferred new, existing, high-end, mid-range or entry-level alarm panels and sensors.

Take the hassle out of hardware selection
●  Regulatory hardware compliance and the global IoT standards are already researched and taken care of, assuring compatibility between devices and across brands.

Open a whole new world of hardware sales opportunities
●  Empower your sales team to bring the solutions of the 4th industrial revolution to your clients and position your business for growth.
●  Offer new products and their corresponding recurring income services to new and existing systems incrementally.
ICE3 Video
ICE3 Video
IceCube Video is the disruptive video solution which enables the addition of cameras onto existing alarm systems with video monitoring via the same mobile app. Add 1-8 cameras for the cost of the cameras only - no NVR or DVR is required.
High end data security and local plus cloud storage
●  Full data security - CCTV cannot be compromised within the system.
●  Continuous local edge recording stored onto local MicroSD in the camera - up to 7 days stored on a 64GB MicroSD card - environment and settings dependent.
●  Event based recordings stored in the cloud.

Two-way voice built-in to indoor cameras
●  Listen and talk through the camera while viewing live footage.
Hassle free quality camera selection
●  Indoor and outdoor options - connect over IP/Ethernet or Wi-Fi.
●  Direct to device streaming with true 1080 (2MP) or 720 (1MP) H.264 high definition.
●  All cameras equipped with night vision capability - pan/tilt on supported cameras.

Video app services
●  Two video monitoring app options are available.
ICE3 Video - up to 4 cameras
ICE3 Video Plus - 5 to 8 cameras
Indoor selection

1MP indoor SN-629F1
Dimensions: 60x70x130mm
Format: H.264 MJPEG
Resolution: 1280x720 (1MP)
Audio: Built-in Mic & Speaker
Sensor: 1/4 CMOS
Lens: 3.6mm White & Black
View Angle: 60°
Wi-Fi: Yes
Pan/Tilt: No
Night Vision: 8 LEDs, 5m Range
Memory Card: Not Included
ICE3 Indoor Camera
ICE3 Indoor Camera
1MP indoor pan/tilt SN-631PT1
Dimensions: 106x117x126mm
Format: H.264 MJPEG
Resolution: 1280x720 (1MP)
Audio: Mic, Speaker, 3.5mm Audio Out
Sensor: 1/4 CMOS
Lens: 3.6mm White & Black
View Angle: 60°
Wi-Fi: Yes
Pan/Tilt: Vertical 90°, Horizontal 350°
Night Vision: 12 LEDs, 8m Range
Memory Card: Not Included
Outdoor selection

1MP outdoor SN-750EF1
Dimensions: 200x70x65mm
Format: JPEGH.264 MJPEG
Resolution: 1280x720
Audio: No
Sensor: 1/4 CMOS
Lens: 3.6mm White & Black
View Angle: 65° (H)/75° (Diag.)60°
Wi-Fi: Yes
Pan/Tilt: No
Night Vision: 24 LEDs, 20m Range
Memory Card: Internal 64GB Class 10 MicroSD - included
ICE3 Outdoor Camera
IceCube Automation (available in the near future) encompasses an endless array of smart home/business IoT functions controlled with the IceCube Control mobile app. Although not yet available, the IoT functions are already built-in to the environments' platform and mobile app.

Why Z-Wave
Despite uncertainty about the best choices of communication formats for security related IoT, Z-Wave is an obvious choice right now.
●  Reliable strong encryption and security features
●  Install large numbers of devices without interference
●  Simple installation
●  Low power consumption
●  Remote or local control
●  Multitude of available devices with interoperability
●  Affordability
The IceCube Business Environment comprises a range of back-end support systems and structures for the IceCube Interactive Ecosystem. Designed for the security company, and with its management, sales and installation staff in mind, it encompasses a comprehensive range of system benefits and support features to simplify their operations.
ICE3 Business Environment
ICE3 Base Station
Virtual alarm base station means a fast and cost-effective control room setup. No base station hardware and related costs required for the control room.

ICE3 Admin
ICE3 Admin is an online portal which provides security companies with all the tools needed to manage their installations. The portal is web based so that installations can be loaded by administration staff at the office, or added and/or amended by the technician on-site, depending on the operational procedures of the security installer.
ICE3 Admin
Full set of key portal functions
●  Management dashboard.
●  User accounts and user permission levels.
●  Service plans and billing.
●  Adding and configuring gateways.
●  Panel settings and codes.
●  Cameras and video monitoring.
●  Smart home/business devices.
●  Alarm alerts and history.
●  Reporting.
●  Place in/out of service.
Future management system integration
(Currently under development)
●  APIs enable deep integration with existing proprietary and 3rd party systems, including CRMs, eCommerce, support and billing platforms.
Technical support
Renowned RDC backup & support
●  With over 40 years experience in the industry, rest assured RDC's support team have unparalleled local industry knowledge and experience.

ICE3 Box support centre features live installations of all panel types
●  Instant support, fault finding and testing on any panel type.

Industry leading warnings & alerts
●  Knowledge is power in a time of crisis. RDC's track record shows we do not withhold possible or critical downtime information. The only provider to alert customers consistently of downtime on other GSM systems, setting industry standards and future best practice.
Remote gateway access means fewer truck rolls
●  Over the air programming, firmware updates and function additions mean fewer support call outs and less cost.

No need for onsite panel log downloads
●  The panel ACK/kiss-off for Contact ID (dialler capture) reporting comes directly from the server, not from the gateway. This means that the gateway and panel logs match exactly, eliminating the need for onsite panel log downloads.

Advanced diagnostics
●  Early detection and comprehensive diagnostics minimizes call-outs even further.
●  Further in-depth diagnostics are available on request for forensics.
ICE3 Technical support
ICE3 Technical support
Multi-disciplinary training programmes
Rolling out new technology can be daunting. To simplify and streamline the process for security companies, a brand new, multi-disciplinary approach to imparting knowledge and skills forms part of the IceCube Business Environment.

1. Management & Senior Staff
●  System structure and overview.
●  Business benefits and revenue possibilities.
●  Subscription service offers.
●  Future features and technology.
●  Up-selling opportunities.

2. Sales Management & Staff
●  System structure and overview.
●  Product benefits and USPs.
●  Sales limitations (avoid over-selling).
●  Future features and technology.
●  Up-selling opportunities.
3. Administration Staff
●  System structure and overview.
●  IceCube Admin portal.
●  Enrolment.
●  Services and billing.

4. Technical Management & Senior Staff
●  Advanced system architecture.
●  Control room setup and support.
●  Integration and compatibility.
●  System limitations.
●  Support diagnostics.

5. Installation Training
●  System structure and overview.
●  Installation requirements and procedures.
●  Installation testing.
●  Fault finding, tips and tricks.
ICE3 Training
ICE3 Training